Today's Date: 12/05/2064
Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Javier Lazo 32nd Robby Harlan 5th 16th
First Basemen Dusty Salter 17th Jarrod Councilman 24th 26th
Second Basemen Jarod Johnson 24th Jamie Clardy 5th 6th
Third Basemen Seve Ortiz 14th Jimmy Myles 7th 8th
Shortstops Pat Compton 18th Danny Lopez 30th 30th
Left Fielders Tied for 28th Geoff Hogan 21st 30th
Center Fielders Carlos Velasco 2nd Jimmy Thompson 21st 10th
Right Fielders Tied for 27th Robby Dub 10th 28th
Starting Pitchers Tommy Tiemeyer 21st Tommy Hickmon 8th 12th
Relievers Chutaro Enomoto 32nd Pat Rylant 11th 32nd
Closers Daniel Gwatkin 32nd Pat Hatfield 15th 28th
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