Today's Date: 12/05/2064
Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Micah Beckham 30th Tommy Lowry 20th 28th
First Basemen Rafael Varela 6th Dave Gardner 27th 24th
Second Basemen Chip Sadecki 9th Archie Sykes 3rd 3rd
Third Basemen Tied for 29th Dusty Dawson 15th 31st
Shortstops Ian London 27th Jaime Young 19th 25th
Left Fielders Dave Levins 7th Tied for 22nd 22nd
Center Fielders Ian Crosby 1st Brendan Dettmann 2nd 2nd
Right Fielders Tied for 27th Tied for 24th 32nd
Starting Pitchers Tom Waters 25th Jamie Zan 13th 16th
Relievers Jerrod Szostak 30th Tied for 24th 31st
Closers Pat West 9th Tied for 24th 20th
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