Today's Date: 05/26/2064
Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Dave Schroer 3rd Tom Lemmens 4th 1st
First Basemen Tom Hudler 14th Jarod Crotchett 4th 4th
Second Basemen Tom Bartlett 7th Savion Perry 28th 23rd
Third Basemen Brendan Garrett 16th Joey Bailey 2nd 2nd
Shortstops Zack Bowen 22nd Nate Mitchell 10th 11th
Left Fielders Tied for 29th Tied for 26th 32nd
Center Fielders Robby Steveson 5th Tommy DiGiuseppe 32nd 26th
Right Fielders William Milton 10th Dwayne Ray 17th 13th
Starting Pitchers Jimmy Casto 10th Kaleb LeMieux 27th 24th
Relievers Jaden Guyton 17th Tom Kramer 18th 17th
Closers Ed Benintendi 9th Tied for 21st 21st
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