Today's Date: 12/05/2064
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Callum Jones $17.0m $17.0m $17.0m
Johnny Patterson $17.0m $17.0m $17.0m
Bobby Pinedo $12.0m $12.0m $12.0m
Dave Gibson $3.0m $3.4m(A) $3.4m(A)
Melvin Ochoa $3.0m $3.7m(A) $3.7m(A)
Gary Samson $3.0m $3.6m(A) $3.6m(A)
Robert Valentin $2.8m $3.2m(A) $3.2m(A)
Jerry Aguilar $1.4m $1.6m(A) $1.6m(A)
Carlos Vasquez $1.0m
Gil Sollars $890k
Jimmy Christopher $300k $340k(A) $340k(A)
Dave McRae $168k $200k(A) $200k(A)
Denzel Cook $160k $180k(A) $180k(A)
Dave Strong $160k $180k(A) $180k(A)
Pat Berman $150k $170k(A) $170k(A) $170k(A)
Dave Campbell $150k $170k(A) $170k(A) $170k(A)
Xavier Carmona $150k $170k(A) $170k(A)
Tom Wolfe $150k $170k(A) $170k(A) $170k(A)
Pat Ashbacher $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Dave Beck $100k $100k(auto) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Tom Bevis $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $330k(A*) $330k(A) $330k(A)
Ed Blackwell $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Joe Brown $100k $100k(auto) $2.0m(A*) $2.0m(A) $2.0m(A)
Johnny Cybulski $100k
Fred DeMont $100k $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Colin Duncan $100k $5.5m $5.5m $5.5m
Dusty DuPrie $100k
Danny Duran $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Ron Gray $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $550k(A*) $550k(A) $550k(A)
Zack Harris $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Luca Hayes $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Jimmy Huff $100k(*) MiLC $137k(A) $137k(A)
Jamie Ince $100k $100k(auto) $1.6m(A*) $1.6m(A) $1.6m(A)
Ian Mathews $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Jimmy Mullings $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Rod Murphy $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Pat Person $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Erik Powe $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $200k(A*) $200k(A) $200k(A)
Gustavo Ramirez $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $470k(A*) $470k(A) $470k(A)
Ethan Roberts $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Donnie Ryan $100k $100k(auto) $270k(A*) $270k(A) $270k(A)
Tom Ryan $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Bill Salazar $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
David Tapia $100k $100k(auto) $750k(A*) $750k(A) $750k(A)
Pat Van Scyoc $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Colin Willingham $100k
Shaun Woods $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
TOTAL $65.3m $70.2m $74.6m $14.4m $8.1m $3.4m $0 $0 $0 $0
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