Today's Date: 12/05/2064
Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Joey Facey 13th David Tavarez 18th 15th
First Basemen Mat Boykins 20th Ian Rivello 7th 9th
Second Basemen Pat Young 28th Mike Cardenas 22nd 26th
Third Basemen Gil Eagle 22nd Tom Culp 16th 14th
Shortstops Malik Dyce 5th Bart Randall 24th 19th
Left Fielders Pat Durham 22nd Joey Montenegro 17th 19th
Center Fielders Tommy Freeman 27th Robby Hadley 10th 16th
Right Fielders Tommy Sammons 23rd Tony Fernandez 2nd 4th
Starting Pitchers Freddie Crisci 24th Dave Scheff 3rd 4th
Relievers Vladimir O'Flanagan 4th Tied for 24th 8th
Closers Vladimir O'Flanagan 2nd Erik Courtney 4th 3rd
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