Pos Name Age 2065 2066 2067 2068 2069 2070 2071 2072 2073 2074
CF Carlos Velasco 28 $17.0m $17.0m $18.0m(P)
3B Hidetoshi Machida 26 $10.5m $11.5m $12.0m
RP Ernie Pyles 34 $3.6m $3.6m(P)
1B Mat Boykins 29 $3.2m $3.4m $3.4m
LF Pat Durham 38 $3.2m
1B Brandon Cuadra 31 $2.9m
C Franklin Rosell 28 $1.6m $1.8m(A)
SS Bobby DuBois 27 $1.6m $2.6m(A)
SP Eddie Latimer 29 $1.5m $2.4m(A)
RP Pat Wood 33 $1.5m
RF Spartacus Jefferson 36 $980k
C Joey Facey 26 $875k $1.0m(A) $1.0m(A)
RP Dave Peterson 32 $210k
3B Gil Eagle 28 $160k $180k(A)
SP Dave Coltey 33 $150k
2B Pat Young 30 $150k $170k(A)
SP Jaden Burnett 25 $100k $160k(A) $160k(A)
SP Freddie Crisci 28 $100k $2.2m(A) $2.2m(A)
RP Owen Dunn 26 $100k $350k(A) $350k(A)
SS Malik Dyce 26 $100k $3.7m(A) $3.7m(A)
C Freddy Eddings 28 $100k $100k(auto) $180k(A) $180k(A)
RF Tony Fernandez 25 $100k $100k(auto) $1.2m(A*) $1.2m(A) $1.2m(A)
CF Tommy Freeman 26 $100k $1.9m(A) $1.9m(A)
SP Omar Gonzalez 25 $100k $100k(auto) $160k(A) $160k(A)
SP Jermaine Hicks 24 $100k $100k(auto) $230k(A*) $230k(A) $230k(A)
SP Tom O'Connor 24 $100k $100k(auto) $1.3m(A*) $1.3m(A) $1.3m(A)
SS Ron Stimac 26 $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
RP Dusty Williams 25 $100k $100k(auto) $550k(A*) $550k(A) $550k(A)
CF Nicky Wilson 27 $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
TOTAL $50.4m $52.6m $46.4m $3.9m $3.5m $260k $0 $0 $0 $0
Legend: auto = auto-renew contract, V = Vesting Option, T = Team Option, P = Player Option, A = Arbitration Eligible, A* = possibly Arbitration eligible, else auto-renew, A# = possible FA eligible, else arbitration, MiLC=Minor League Contract, O=Player holds opt-out after the season, *=players in minors on league minimum deals are only paid 16.5% of their salary while in the minors
Friday, May 25th, 2018 - OOTP Baseball 17.12 Build 75