Today's Date: 12/05/2064
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Pat Van Ness $10.8m $11.8m $11.8m $11.8m(P)
Jimmy Kaplan $5.2m $7.5m $8.0m(P)
Philip Blake $4.3m
Jimmy Shelton $4.2m
Hugo Hernandez $2.9m
Ron Majeres $2.4m
Tommy Berry $2.4m
Robby Craig $2.2m $2.6m(A)
Alexander Gallacher $1.6m $1.6m
Erik Fountain $1.5m
Víctor Garza $1.5m $3.0m
Nate MacPherson $1.5m
Lou Hockman $1.4m
Pat DeVries $1.1m $1.1m
Tommy Grabarek $850k
Jimmy Lilly $513k $600k(A) $600k(A)
Dave Ussery $350k
Fred Barrentine $210k
Pat Tadman $150k $170k(A) $170k(A)
Erik Abbott $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $490k(A*) $490k(A) $490k(A)
Pat Bourg $100k $100k(auto) $140k(A) $140k(A)
Jamie Doss $100k $100k(auto) $1.8m(A*) $1.8m(A) $1.8m(A)
Al Galjour $100k $100k(auto) $160k(A) $160k(A)
Micah Harnish $100k $100k(auto) $160k(A) $160k(A)
Dusty Kranz $100k $100k(auto) $100k(auto) $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Liam McIntosh $100k(*) MiLC $210k(A*) $210k(A) $210k(A)
Charlie McMillan $100k $8.0m $9.0m $9.5m(P)
Ted Pippins $100k(*) MiLC MiLC $130k(A*) $130k(A) $130k(A)
Tony Salazar $100k(*) MiLC $470k(A) $470k(A)
Ernie Webber $100k $100k(auto) $1.8m(A) $1.8m(A)
TOTAL $46.2m $37.0m $34.5m $26.8m $2.8m $750k $0 $0 $0 $0
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