Today's Date: 12/05/2064
Position Top player Team ranking Top prospect Organizational ranking Overall ranking
Catchers Jalen Blackwell 4th Bobby Medrano 14th 9th
First Basemen Nate Bernard 18th Pat Rogers 1st 1st
Second Basemen Dave Carmen 3rd 31st 28th
Third Basemen Vic Lewis 7th Jamie McKee 9th 9th
Shortstops Bert Addley 2nd Victor Minjarez 31st 16th
Left Fielders John Lampard 6th Tom Detraz 9th 8th
Center Fielders Jimmy Lenz 5th Leon Campbell 5th 3rd
Right Fielders Dave Caddell 26th Tom Bennett 23rd 27th
Starting Pitchers Pat Waleski 4th Tony de Luna 26th 20th
Relievers Don Owens 2nd Tied for 24th 3rd
Closers Don Owens 20th Tied for 24th 26th
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