Today's Date: 01/07/2064
Monday, November 19th, 2063
Washington Heights Pigeons: CF Manny Flores retires.
Dayton Ruffians: 1B Shaun McKinnon retires.
Easton Agriculturalists: SP Shawn McNeil retires.
Richfield Mallers: SP Robby Dennis retires.
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2063
Washington Heights Pigeons: CL Orlando Tanguma retires.
Muncie Squires: C Tom Green retires.
Anchorage Icebergs: C Ian Prindle retires.
Nashua Nighthawks: LF Jimmy Minnich retires.
Anchorage Icebergs: RF Jaime Ferraro retires.
Modesto Nuts: SS Caiden Lubin retires.
Kane Pirates: SS Tom Bible retires.
Edinburgh Eagles: RP Jared Stoner retires.
Kane Pirates: SP Pat McNamee retires.
Wildwood Bluefish: SS Dave Karcich retires.
Wildwood Bluefish: 2B Dave Bonneau retires.
Wildwood Bluefish: CF Pat Evans retires.
Washington Heights Pigeons: C Ron Betterton retires.
Trenton P-Bots: CF Ron Winingham retires.
Tombstone Gravediggers: 2B Jaden Robinson retires.
Washington Heights Pigeons: SP Erik Dyson retires.
Edinburgh Eagles: RP Dusty Beasley retires.
Wilmington Bankers: RP Dave Baron retires.
Richfield Mallers: RP Tom Pittman retires.
Cook County Busts: CF Jarod Bowling retires.
Richfield Mallers: SP Elijah Bigham retires.
Washington Heights Pigeons: SP Cisco Trujillo retires.
Richfield Mallers: CL Héctor Hernández retires.
Washington Heights Pigeons: LF Dave Vallone retires.
Sonoma Vintners: SP Kevin Cane retires.
Trenton P-Bots: SP Bobby Corona retires.
Easton Agriculturalists: 2B Dave Fischer retires.
Tombstone Gravediggers: SS Dave Tatham retires.
Wildwood Bluefish: LF Mike Vigil retires.
Easton Agriculturalists: RF Tommy Johnson retires.
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