Today's Date: 12/05/2064
Thursday, November 13th, 2064
Wildwood Bluefish: SP Robby Morabito retires.
Sacramento Smoke: 3B Tom Rodgers retires.
Fort Walton Beach Waveriders: SP Micah Scheirer retires.
Tuesday, October 7th, 2064
Washington Heights Pigeons: SS Alex Rosario retires.
Easton Agriculturalists: 1B Dave Brown retires.
Sonoma Vintners: RF Billy Padilla retires.
Richfield Mallers: SP Alan Shaw retires.
Burlington Champs: C Dave Parks retires.
Wildwood Bluefish: CF Fred O'Donnell retires.
Evansville River Cats: RP Dave Lane retires.
New York Peeping Toms: 1B Zeke Zagone retires.
Muncie Squires: C Archie Wright retires.
Vimpeli Villains: CF Lyn Miller retires.
Trenton P-Bots: RP Pat Shuster retires.
Trenton P-Bots: SS Pat Wagner retires.
Northampton Herrells: CF Pat Babbidge retires.
Sonoma Vintners: RF Robby Beard retires.
Washington Heights Pigeons: 1B Ernie Katz retires.
Trenton P-Bots: SP Robby Newborn retires.
Edinburgh Eagles: CF Axel Frey retires.
Washington Heights Pigeons: 3B Lance Burkhart retires.
Richfield Mallers: C Dave Fyffe retires.
Wildwood Bluefish: 3B Ian Stumpf retires.
Trenton P-Bots: SP Norm Myers retires.
Nashua Nighthawks: DH Joey Verba retires.
Richfield Mallers: C Robby Riester retires.
New York Peeping Toms: LF Amare Hendricks retires.
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