Today's Date: 10/08/2063
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2063
Duluth Prospectors: SS Dave Homan retires.
Cape May Flounders: SS Aristotelis Savalas retires.
New Jersey Jockitch: RP Art O'Reilly retires.
Pleasurewood Hills Pines: SP Dave Miettinen retires.
Duluth Prospectors: 3B William Spencer retires.
Mill River Floods: 1B Mat Blume retires.
London Knights: SS Nathan Wood retires.
Shreveport Hurricanes: CF Jahsiiyah Vargas retires.
Carman Junior Goldeyes: RP Michael Durazo retires.
Thunder Bay Bayhawks: 3B Jaden Marcelin retires.
Thunder Bay Bayhawks: RP David Chacon retires.
Minnetonka Marauders: SP Dave Pace retires.
Lansing Lugnuts: C Damien Turner retires.
Cape May Flounders: LF Pancho Díaz retires.
Shreveport Hurricanes: 1B Scot Battle retires.
Shreveport Hurricanes: SP Liam MacElfrish retires.
Flemington Nightwings: 2B Johnny Wolf retires.
Berwyn Fireflies: SS Ethan Zettlemoyer retires.
London Knights: RP Jamie McGlothlin retires.
Carman Junior Goldeyes: RP Robby Caliri retires.
Shreveport Hurricanes: RP Jamie Darlak retires.
Cape May Flounders: 2B Ed Johnson retires.
Minnetonka Marauders: 1B J.D. Glebus retires.
Plattsburgh Nobles: RP Jayden Banks retires.
Flemington Nightwings: SS Zack Willis retires.
Thunder Bay Bayhawks: SP Jimmy Majka retires.
Minnetonka Marauders: C Ron Beck retires.
London Knights: RF Jamal Whitaker retires.
Pleasurewood Hills Pines: 2B Will Bonner retires.
Mill River Floods: 2B Dave Ramaker retires.
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