Today's Date: 12/05/2064
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2064
Portsmouth Pirates: C Dave Rasberry becomes a free-agent.
Bakersfield Blaze: SP Ian Elder becomes a free-agent.
Bloomington Frost Ferrets: RP Al Pace becomes a free-agent.
New Hampshire Balloons: CF Pat Rutter becomes a free-agent.
Nassau Sleestaks: 2B Peter McHard becomes a free-agent.
Nassau Sleestaks: CF Jarod White becomes a free-agent.
Wilmington Fear: CF Danny de Leon becomes a free-agent.
Orono Ingersolls: CF Robby Rachuba becomes a free-agent.
Espoo Piranhas: CL Tommy Oakes becomes a free-agent.
Silicon Valley E-Holes: RP Jimmy Willard becomes a free-agent.
Thursday, November 13th, 2064
Honolulu Banana Rats: SP Zach Graham retires.
Norman Baits: SP Dave Volley retires.
Orono Ingersolls: SP Miguel Angel Martínez retires.
Nassau Sleestaks: C Arran Montgomerie retires.
New Orleans Occult: C Jared Stanley retires.
Nassau Sleestaks: C Jabari Duhe retires.
Princeton Eggheads: C Guillaume Jutras retires.
Janesville Devhits: SP Dave Hultin retires.
Janesville Devhits: SP Ethan Walton retires.
Norman Baits: RF Zachary Abrams retires.
Friday, October 10th, 2064
Wilmington Fear: SP Dwayne Dubrey retires.
Las Vegas Fates: CL Zachery Kelly retires.
Clifton Heights Ball Bearings: C Kareem Allen retires.
Horsham St. Faith Saints: SS Jayden Walker retires.
Wayzata Walleye: RF Jerry Morgan retires.
Wilmington Fear: CL Lyndon Phillips retires.
Madison Muskies: 2B Al Maxwell retires.
Clifton Heights Ball Bearings: SP Rubén Martínez retires.
Espoo Piranhas: C Declan Teall retires.
Las Vegas Fates: SP Joaquin Albuquerque retires.
Las Vegas Fates: C Raúl Medine retires.
Orono Ingersolls: SP Alex Gonzalez retires.
Bloomington Frost Ferrets: RP Colin Eicher retires.
Horsham St. Faith Saints: CF Michael Russell retires.
Princeton Eggheads: 2B Dave King retires.
Charlotte Elite: DH Pat Colston retires.
Janesville Devhits: SP C.J. Thorman retires.
Espoo Piranhas: SP Jefferson Pribbenow retires.
Monterey Sea Otters: CF Erik Punzel retires.
Janesville Devhits: 2B Robby Melanson retires.
Las Vegas Fates: CF Erik Ball retires.
Las Vegas Fates: SP Talik Townsend retires.
Pasadena Voodoo: SP T.J. Michaels retires.
Espoo Piranhas: SP Aidan Boone retires.
Saginaw Gangstas: 3B Danny Rivers retires.
Horsham St. Faith Saints: RP Joey Jackson retires.
Horsham St. Faith Saints: SP Ethan Young retires.
Holyoke Millers: 2B Jimmy Siedschlag retires.
Espoo Piranhas: 1B Eric Barnes retires.
Nassau Sleestaks: 3B Nate Walker retires.
Winnipeg Whips: SP Zachary Tyree retires.
Horsham St. Faith Saints: 1B R.J. Longmire retires.
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