Hall of Fame Voting Results
Tuesday, January 6th, 2065
The ballots are counted and the results are in. This year we will witness four players added to the Hall of Fame. Dylan Vessy, Brit Jackson, Nate Johnston, and Hector Martinez received the ultimate honor this year in being voted as the newest members of the Hall of Fame.

The full voting results are included here. Players require 75% of ballots cast to be elected to the Hall, may stay on the ballot for up to 15 years if they receive at least 5% of the votes. Players must be retired for 5 years before they are eligible for induction to the Hall of Fame.

C Dylan Vessy 100.0 (1st year) Inducted HOF
SP Brit Jackson 100.0 (1st year) Inducted HOF
CF Nate Johnston 100.0 (2nd year) Inducted HOF
SP Hector Martinez 80.0 (2nd year) Inducted HOF
RP Julian Rubio 40.0 (1st year)
SP Duane Cook 40.0 (1st year)
SP Theron Wilkinson 20.0 (2nd year)
RP Anastasio Caro 20.0 (2nd year)
SP Jarred Sutton 20.0 (1st year)
CL Ismael Rodriguez 20.0 (1st year)
SP Brenden Evely 20.0 (1st year)
CL Willie Parsons 20.0 (2nd year)
SP Tyrone Payne 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
RF Clint Stevenson 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
SS Milo West 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
CF Jud Dunbar 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
2B Chet Swain 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
1B Victor Sanchez 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
RF Kel Bunch 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
LF Nate Ladd 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
3B Willie Boswell 0.0 (1st year) Dropped
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