Today's Date: 12/05/2064
McKinnon Given 2-Game Suspension
Friday, September 26th, 2064
The Hollywood Media Whores were not very happy with the home plate umpire in today's loss to Triangle at Casting Couch Coliseum. One in particular -- Dave McKinnon. Upon being called out on strikes, the Media Whores shortstop gave the ump quite an earful. For that, the man in blue gave him the thumb and sent him to an early shower.

But the disgruntled McKinnon lingered on the field for another five minutes, berating the umpire. Finally his manager got him off the field and into the clubhouse.

But it got worse after the game, when McKinnon told reporters, "He was blind today. They played 'Three Blind Mice' for him. If he doesn't know the words to the song, I'm sure we can get it in Braille, so he can follow along."

For his escapades and after-the-game oration, the league office suspended McKinnon for 2 games.

In 69 games this season McKinnon has batted at a .280 pace with 69 hits and 1 home run.
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