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So you wanna join the FOBL?

Well, read on...

As you probably already know, we are an active league of 36 teams that has been in existence since the real-time date of March, 2001. We have completed more than 20 fake seasons and we're still going strong. While the league is currently at full capacity, we are always looking for people who are interested in following the league or becoming owners. With that in mind, please understand that the process for being granted an FOBL franchise is different than most other leagues. Please read the following to gain a better understanding of how the FOBL's owner selection process works:

The FOBL has been blessed with an extremely solid ownership base and very active participants. As a result, owner turnover is very low, and positioning for replacement owners has become almost competitive. Basically, the list of potential new owners is divided into two groups: The "waiting list" and the "Waiting List." The "Waiting List" (capital "W") consists of people who, out of their interest in the league and desire to eventually own a franchise, have become active members of the FOBL community. These people are affectionately referred to as "Vultures."

Vultures participate in day-to-day league activities by contributing to forum discussions, both about the league or general off-topic issues, write articles about teams and/or players, attend live sim chats, and otherwise interact on a regular basis with current owners and other Vultures. In some cases, Vultures are "hired" by current owners to assist them in running their franchise in a "non-official" capacity. Vultures are also given the opportunity to vote on All-Stars, Year-end Awards, and Hall of Fame inductees. Through their participation, Vultures gain valuable knowledge of the league, its players, and most importantly, its owners. Conversely, the other league owners get to learn more about potential ownership candidates. Since the ownership at-large will vote on who will assume the next vacant franchise, building this kind of relationship is essential for both parties.

There is no "pecking order" when it comes to Vultures; votes will be cast based in part on seniority, but also based on overall participation and general "fit" with the rest of the league. Thus, having been around longer than the next guy might help you become the next owner accepted, but it is by no means a guarantee. By the same token, just because you haven't been around as long as some other, doesn't necessarily mean you can't or won't be considered for the next opening. Should you wish to be considered for an opening in the near future, please feel free to stop by the FOBL Forums and introduce yourself.

If you simply send me an e-mail with your contact info and a request to join the league, you will automatically be placed on the "waiting list" (small "w"). The waiting list is ordered according to when your request was submitted (early applicants get first dibs), however, nobody on this list will be considered until the Vulture population is exhausted. Obviously, given the low amount of turnover, and the number of active Vultures it could be a very long time before anyone on this list is actually contacted to fill a league opening. But if you don't have the time or interest to participate as a Vulture, you can rest assured that you WILL be considered when and if the appropriate time comes.

Again, no formal application is required in order to become a Vulture. Simply register for the Forums and dive right in. To be placed on the waiting list, please send an e-mail to commissioner AT thefobl DOT com and include your name, FOFC/OOTP Forum ID (if applicable), e-mail address, and screen names for AOL Instant Messenger and/or Yahoo Instant Messenger (again, if applicable).

Simon Cable (aka "Simms")
FOBL Commissioner