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Thread: 2065 Trenton Roadkill

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    Default 2065 Trenton Roadkill

    After a surprising division title in 2064, the Trenton Roadkill will once again field a team in the FOBL in 2065. So, who's on the roster?


    1-CF Tommy Humphrey - Making his FOBL debut, the 2064 1st round pick is slated to lead off. He should be better than Jamie Kuhn, but that isn't saying much.
    2-SS Jamie Sager - 3rd year player, no power, great range at SS.
    3-C Israel Mora - Signed as free agent in the off-season. About average.
    4- LF Ian Jarvis - Will he have more hits than strikeouts?
    5- 1B Javier Cornejo - Doesn't hit for much power or average. Drafted as a Shortstop in 2055.
    6 - 2b Fabian Green - virtually guaranteed to have more strikeouts than hits. Has some power when he accidentally makes contact.
    7 - DH Cy Anderson - For the third straight year, had more homeruns than strikeouts. 80 strikeouts and 87 homeruns over the past three years.
    8 - RF Ed Barnett - meh.
    9 - 3b Tom Henderson - apparently this will be his third year on the big league roster. Congratulations, Tom!

    The lineup goes R/L/R/L/R/L/R/L/R but otherwise should be pretty lame again.

    Pitching staff
    Rotation comprised of:
    Melvin Diaz
    Tom Gervasio
    Dave Calvert
    Dave Williams
    Zack Morgan

    Features a bunch of guys. They'll come in to the game whenever the starter needs to leave. Think they were pretty decent last year.


    The offense will llikely struggle again. The rotation should be decent. The team allowed the fewest runs in FOBL last year, will need a similar performance this year to have a shot.

    Trenton Roadkill - 2040 FOBL Champions

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    I don't know if I ever said this before, but when I first started in FOBL, I built my team around trying to beat Trenton eventually. They were tough in the early '40s.

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