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Thread: Tacos Twisting Fabric of Space and Time

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    Default Tacos Twisting Fabric of Space and Time

    The Fresno Tacos started the season 3-9 and being out-scored 41-87. They were, literally, about as horrible as a Trump fart. The franchise turned over its front office and announced a move that was so impactful that three guys in the news room almost woke up from their afternoon naps.

    Don’t look now, though, but something has happened.

    The Bad News Tacos are fighting back. Riding Stupendous Wood and a hitter named Pitcher, the club stands at 44-48, a mere four games off .500. Doing some higher-order math says that this team of Kelly Leak misfits and Tatum O’Neal wannabes has gone 41-39 since those fateful first dozen outings. That’s right. Over freaking 500.

    We think the world may have come to an end, and no one was watching. We think Drake may have actually bagged Nicole Kidman. We think the Cubs may have actually won the fake World Series…no, wait…yeah, we’re all horribly confused in this mangled up way you get when you look at a Escher diagram and realize you’ve just pissed your pants because you thought you were in a toilet but it turned out you were just looking at it wrong and you’re really on the main stage at Carnegie Hall. Here’s a towel, brother.

    How is this possible?

    How is this team that has No Talent Whatsoever finding ways to win?

    We demand an investigation.
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