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Thread: Tacos Rolling With the Ditches

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    Default Tacos Rolling With the Ditches

    So, like, you think the Tacos aren’t a target-rich opportunity for a GM? All right, then, point me out another team what can bring up a guy who posts a 9.82 ERA and have it be a benefit to the ball club.

    The Tacos spent another week watching young slugger Jaime Young watch them self-destruct. They watched as the woebegone Red Stripe took them in three straight before managing to eek out a 3-2 win in the get-away game. It took the Taco offense 11 hits to create those three runs worth of gas. The Red Stripe staff kept trying to give up walks, but Taco hitters deferred. Regardless, the accomplishment of the week was losing those three games to MBJ by a combined score of 16-2.

    That’s goddamned hard to do, but the Tacos are proving to be able to accomplish hard things.

    The team then went on to Trenton where they played Roadkill to the Roadkill, rolling over in the gutter three times—a performance that all true FOBL fans will know is what finally convinced pbot to keep the team in Jersey. Just call me willing to take one for the team, right? I mean, here I am, getting ready to move the team to Los Alamos, and securing Bon Jovi and the Boss a change to see their Roadkill while they drool away the rest of their lives.

    No, really, no thanks necessary.

    The Tacos have now lost nine of its last eleven games, and stories are popping up about guys on the free agents lists trying to decide whether to sell used couches rather than join the organization. Better yet, we’re been officially welcomed to the crew by receiving a trade offer from Bruno that would be considered a rape if it didn’t include such trivial guys...all right, full disclosure...I’m so new here I wouldn’t know a rape if it bit me from behind, but it was an offer from Bruno, and I have a memory, so I’m just pointing up at where I figure Polaris is and saying “north” here.

    Regardless, the organization announced that it fully intends to put a cherry on top of LF/DH Zachary Abrams' career by calling him up and putting him in the lineup. His greatest trait is that he stands at the left side of the plate as he watches curveballs go past.

    On to next week’s disaster, eh?
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