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    25-year-old Taco hitter (there’s a label for you,, eh?) Jaime Young was suspended for 18 days after being guilty basically of playing in a game in which the Tacos beat the Hooligans, and Young had the audacity to complain about being plunked with a pitched ball.

    “The thing hit me,” he said. “How was I supposed to know I wasn’t supposed to take a bat upside the pitcher’s head?”

    “This is Chicago,” the team’s grubby manager said. “Young shoulda known better than to go up there like he was gonna hit something.”

    Hooligan pitcher Jimmy Quinlan was also suspended, but only for 15 games.

    “It would be robbery,” new Taco GM Ron Collins said, “except that it was out on broad daylight, so Chicago law enforcement just calls it ‘getting along.’ I think they are using video tape of the cop getting out of the way pf Chicago’s rowdy fans as a training tape…the fans use of billy clubs and pistol whips were technically brilliant, and the cops wanted to learn how to better beat the hell out of innocent people. It’s okay, though. Jaime Young will learn a valuable lesson from this as he sits on the bench for 18 games, that’s for sure.”
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    That seems... excessive. Where is the Fake Players' Union?

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