From the Office of the Commissioner: Today's FOFL Transactions

Position Changes:
C Devante LynchFrench Ticklerschanged primary position to C

Players Released:
RB Ralph RuffinMyrtle Beach Magiciansreleased
OLB Ruben SingletonMyrtle Beach Magiciansreleased
S T.J. MuellerMyrtle Beach Magiciansreleased
S Carlos DoleMyrtle Beach Magiciansreleased
CB Jack SquiresMyrtle Beach Magiciansreleased
WR Elias CotaMelbourne Federationreleased
C Peyton LaudenbackMelbourne Federationreleased
WR Stanley PetersonCharleston Chewreleased
G Chester BuxoKeene Kongsreleased
DE Marco PhillipsKeene Kongsreleased
WR Howard WallaceKeene Kongsreleased
CB Jonah PittardKeene Kongsreleased
CB Artie RochelleDavis Toadsreleased
QB Mitchell TurnerDavis Toadsreleased
G Devan KinneyDavis Toadsreleased
S Jaylen JacksonDavis Toadsreleased
DT Melvin BiernothDavis Toadsreleased
T Brandon LewisDavis Toadsreleased
RB Sedrick FoxDavis Toadsreleased
T Jalen QaderiLas Vegas Cursereleased
OLB Britt GriffithChicago Vipersreleased
CB Jacob HubertChicago Vipersreleased
OLB Jake FugatePortsmouth Painreleased
DE Dylan BladesPortsmouth Painreleased
G Byron HuttonPortsmouth Painreleased
S Enrique DorashPortsmouth Painreleased
CB Tyrell NowakowskiPortsmouth Painreleased
TE Geoff MurphyPortsmouth Painreleased
CB Melvin BaxterPortsmouth Painreleased
ILB Michael TurnbullFrench Ticklersreleased
S Cornell PriceFrench Ticklersreleased
C Kerry CarlisleFrench Ticklersreleased
CB Andres MarohlFrench Ticklersreleased
CB Alexis BrockFrench Ticklersreleased
TE James BurkeFrench Ticklersreleased
TE Kendrick MoneyFrench Ticklersreleased

S Isaac WillisKentucky Outlawssigned a renegotiated contract$97.63 mil., 5 yrs.
WR Darius EmanskiKentucky Outlawssigned a renegotiated contract$13.28 mil., 2 yrs.
RB Benjamin JonesKentucky Outlawssigned a renegotiated contract$109.77 mil., 4 yrs.
OLB Gus CleggKentucky Outlawssigned a renegotiated contract$42.64 mil., 3 yrs.
T Kristopher JerniganKentucky Outlawssigned a renegotiated contract$30.81 mil., 3 yrs.
ILB Lonnie McCoyKentucky Outlawssigned a renegotiated contract$65.31 mil., 3 yrs.
C Everett WhiteCharleston Chewsigned a renegotiated contract$48.77 mil., 3 yrs.
CB Clay GarrettCharleston Chewsigned a renegotiated contract$80.25 mil., 4 yrs.
WR Rodney StoutmireCharleston Chewsigned a renegotiated contract$37.91 mil., 3 yrs.
QB Corbin KnightCharleston Chewsigned a renegotiated contract$232.84 mil., 5 yrs.

Free Agent Signings:
CB Orlando FinleyMelbourne Federationsigned as a free agent$1.08 mil., 1yr.
WR Terry EsiasonMelbourne Federationsigned as a free agent$1.08 mil., 1yr.
WR Ezra CookCharleston Chewsigned as a free agent$1.08 mil., 1yr.
S Bradley BurroughsLas Vegas Cursesigned as a free agent$1.30 mil., 1yr.
DT Julian McKenziePortsmouth Painsigned as a free agent$3.30 mil., 1yr.

Contracts Turned Down:
TE Adam AbramsCharleston Chewturned down a contract offer$3.84 mil., 2 yrs.