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Thread: 2062 Hall of Fame Voting and Discussion

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    Default 2062 Hall of Fame Voting and Discussion

    Ok, HoF voting is open in the latest file. Here's the settings I used:

    Waiting Period: 5 years
    Years on Ballot: 15 years
    Minimum Service Years: 10 years
    Induction Threshold: 75%
    Drop Players below 5%
    Maximum votes per ballot: 20

    Now, I *hope* this captures everyone. It's pretty lenient with keeping guys on the ballot, but I don't know what kind of response we're going to get for this so I was a little more lenient.

    I can't find a list of the eligible players anywhere outside of the game. If anyone knows how to get at this data, let me know.

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    What a list!

    Glen "Gigolo" Larson is a borderline guy, but his 2044 playoffs run (8 HR, 32 RBI and 1.096 OPS in 22 games + a ring) might be enough to push him over the top in my book.

    Not sure if those 32 RBI are a league record or not. Has to be close.

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