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Thread: 2061 Capital City Mets Preview

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    Default 2061 Capital City Mets Preview

    2061 Capital City Mets Preview

    Lineup Versus RHP
    C RHB Mal Hamm (UFA): Signed due to his rather humorous name when I was also still in the RFA bidding for Siegfried Eggs and Otto Von Waffle. Will improve the Mets offence from the catcher position by 1000% over last year when we used an old truck tire for most of the season.

    1B RHB George Maurer: Has stated that he will focus on steeling 30 bases this year just to mess with kids who study baseball card stats. We received him in a salary dump deal a few years back & he may already be one of the best Mets 1B ever (not a historically strong position here).

    2B SH Curt Ladner: Somehow he manages to produce just enough to not be released. 2B is still a very weak position for the team going into 2061 so expect Ladner to miraculously get his 350+ AB's again.

    3B LHB Fred Thompson: As with so many recent Mets #1 picks, he is coppaging just in time for his 1st RFA contract. We'll take it and hope to get 1 more good season of + defense and offense. Probably one of the weakest offense 3B in the league though.

    SS RHB Vic Payne (UFA): We have no problem sacrificing defense for offense and OOTP is usually kind to any infielder rated above '1' at his position. Mets fans may not like the Payne, but they'll be happy with the swelling.

    LF LHB Dave Levins: He played 3B last season with an average of almost 1 error every 2 games, and we still somehow squeaked into the playoffs. We should be better this year with Levins focusing on his natural corner OF position.

    CF SH Ryan Puddifoot: I don't really care for his ratings but he must have high hidden ratings and get along well with our ghost batting coach because he always seems to do well enough to justify the playing time. Of course not nearly as good as his pre-RFA contract days but that surprises no one. Is it strange that so many OOTP CF's are rated '5'? I think so.

    RF LHB Jimmy McKnight: Seemed to be in for one of those frequent <25 year old prospect coppaging seasons last year but had a strong SEPT to get himself a barely positive WAR. Still only 22 and hopefully bounces back this season.

    DH LHB Roman Weaver: At long last we can finally use this no glove/no arm/no range rain barrel of a batter as our primary DH. Happy days are here.

    Lineup Versus LHP
    C RHB Mal Hamm (UFA): I already wrote about him (and what kind of name is 'Mal' anyway? I guess it's short for Malcolm, but the last person to be named Malcolm was Malcolm McDowell in 1943. OOTP name generator is broken!!)

    1B RHB George Maurer: Nice to have a few non-platoon guys that can contribute regardless of the pitchers handedness.

    2B RHB Kel Gunn: I mix him up with Chet Hill because their ratings look similar, but Gunn is an olde dude who owns a pretty slick glove and can hit LHP's fairly well.

    3B RHB Chet Hill (UFA): No defensive value but shits all over LHP's (.900+ OPS versus LHP last year).

    SS RHB Vic Payne (UFA): Another repeat write-up.... I love having all-hit no-field SS's, I really do, and the Mets have had a boat load over the years. I think it comes from my fave MLB SS's when I was a kid in the 1970's. Toby Harrah et al.

    LF LHB Roman Weaver: See his blurb above. He used to be our highest paid player but we invested in a soooooper closer this year.

    CF RHB Nate McNey (UFA): He is yet another '5' rated CF, that's as good as we can afford. Looking forward to seeing what he can do in RHB friendly Cracktown Field Park.

    RF SH Ryan Puddifoot: Also a repeat blurb. I regret giving him a Bill Cosby related nickname years before Bill Cosby came out of the asshole closet.

    DH RHB Bobby Zuniga: Part of my historically bad positional player 'prospect' pool of recent years, he mostly gets AB's because of his cool name not because of his strange ratings. I imagine that in real life this player is a serious cheese fanatic.

    Backup C RHB Jon Oceguera: He's improved his catcher defense from 0 to 2! Can't hit either. Probably costs our team a lot of runs, but hey, it takes money to make money.

    Backup OF RHB Brit Johnston (UFA): Another '5' rated CF. I'm collecting all 80 of them, so if you have one in your system PM me, I'm interested.

    Backup INF RHB Zack Mitchell (UFA): This guy may end up getting 200+ AB's since he defends like a porn star. Okay that makes no sense. Zack seems like a useful 100K contract INF anyway.

    Starting Pitching Staff
    RHP Dave Santy: How many 10th round lotto picks actually become 25 man roster players? I doubt the number is high, but Santy is one of them. I imagine the RF bleacher bums shouting the Damned "There ain't no sanity clause" when he pitches. I imagine a lot of things. He's not bad at pitching, and I imagine this is his last season doing so for CapCity (RFA at the end of the season).

    RHP Pat Gubler (1st FULL Yr): Bring on the new - Pat had a terrific late season call up and now has 5 minsal seasons before early coppaging takes effect. I predict we'll sell him in the next 2 seasons so we can get some of them sweet ass OOTP17 draft picks.

    RHP Dave Schaad: Another final year better than AVG SP who we'll miss when we don't resign him next RFA. He's almost as good as Santy but you don't care - this isn't your team after all. You're probably not even reading this far. Phhhhh.

    RHP Manny Reyes (UFA): Cost effective #4 SP we were happy to retain in UFA, though for a contract twice as high as last seasons $100K offer. I guess that means there was more RFA bid action this year, that's good for everyone (give yourselves a round of applause).

    RHP Brad Johns: Coppaging SP who can probably hang on for 1 more season of barely below 5.00 ERA workmanlike stats. Hoping to not use the 5th SP often this year with our new sooooper MR dude but not sure if the game AI manager will cooperate with our wishes.

    RHP Jamie Sutton (UFA): Lots of $ but worth it (except if his last 2 seasons are as a coppaged shell of a MR like the last time I bid on a Las Vegas soooooper MR in RFA). Target is 200 IP, we'll be thrilled with that, could be tricky to do tho since Cuervo has not published his autobiography yet (tentative titles: "That's How I See It Anyway", "Looking Good (So Far)", "George Ciervo: Words About Me").

    RHP Jerrod Szostak: The last name reminds me of that US Army guy that was court marshaled and shot for having PTSD symptoms in the WW 2. Sorry to be a downer there, but we've come a long way. Hoping he gets like 50 IP so more relief duty (he said duty) goes to that sooooper MR guy we signed for eleventy billion or something.

    RHP Dan Summerville: His stats are perfect for someone named Dan (amiright Dan?). I always thought Dan to be a modest persons name, and a player with that names should have stats that do not greatly exceed the stats of other pitchers he is playing with. Dan Summerville does a nice modest job of consistently doing slightly better than what is expected of him. That having just been said, don't judge a book by it's cover. Or name in this case. Unless the book name is "A Few Things You Should Know About Me by George Ciervo".

    RHP Mal Hamm: Whatwhatwhat? Well yea, when our backup C is playing Hamm will be relieving up a storm, striking out batters like it's no ones business (but his own) and generally dominating like some olde 1800's roundball player that is expected to excel at all positions and roles.

    RHP Scott Summers: Summers ratings are fine but he can't get guys out. If I was a real manager I'd tell him to not sit on the bench too hard since in theory we might actually use him in a mop-up role someday - hopefully not often though.

    2061 Prediction: 152-11 (includes the tiebreaker game)
    Capital City Metropolitans 50 Fucking Years Old!!!

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