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Thread: Another New Era in Manhattan

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    Default Another New Era in Manhattan

    The team that has been passed around more often than a blunt at a college party, the Manhattan Starbirds, have yet another new owner. We are on our 4th owner since Wademoore left in 2048, almost 7 years ago. The franchise has experienced a lot of hardship, mistreatment, and despair as the Starbirds have had 1 winning season since 2037, nearly 20 years in the past. From being relocated from State College to Manhattan, to having countless different starting QBs year in and year out, the Starbirds fan base has suffered. Every owner swears a rebuild will come, only for them to dip out when the going gets tough.

    Well, BrandonS is here to say, "I dont know what the fuck I'm doing, but I'm going to learn!" So don't lose faith Starbirds, we'll win one day, it may not be today, or tomorrow, but damnit one day we will win. We are hoping to bring a hard nose football mentality to Manhattan, a Joe Gibbs inspired offense with lots of running and lots of big plays!

    Good times are coming, Manhattan!

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    LOL! Niiiiice

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