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Thread: "It's time to move on" says Jeff George

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    Default "It's time to move on" says Jeff George


    Two seasons ago the Las Vegas Curse traded QB Brock Rogan to the Manhattan Starbirds and for two seasons we've had Brady Quinn staring back at us. A curse on both their houses!

    And for some of us that's long enough. Including for Jeff George.

    "Look he's a good looking kid," said George about Quinn. "But does he have an arm like mine? No he does not. I'm 47 and I can still grip it and rip it."

    But George was just getting warmed up.

    "Listen I'll take them all on for sport. Brady Quinn never had an arm like mine. Brett Favre? Laughable. Kyle Boller and his "from the knees at midfield throw over the crossbar" is just a halfway throw for a guy with my level of talent.

    "So I say it's time to move on. No more Brock Rogan or Brady Quinn or Dr Quinn for that matter. There's a new sheriff in town and that's me.

    "And while I'm at it, George update those helmets across the top of the page!"
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    Lol yes !!!

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