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Thread: Milano breaks Sedor's QB rushing record

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    Default Malano breaks Sedor's QB rushing record

    As I posted a couple seasons ago, Cloud City QB Lance Malano was closing in rapidly on Brent Sedor's career QB rushing record;

    At the conclusion of 2049 the career list looked like this

    1. Brent Sedor - 5911
    2. James Reding - 5629
    3. Benjamin Fuller - 5610
    4. Van McDaniel - 5539
    5. Roy Starr - 5480
    6. Marty Hampton - 5138
    7. Lance Malano - 5070*

    Well since I posted this Malano has had seasons of 710 and currently 597* yards rushing bringing him to a current total of 6377 yards rushing with 44 TDs at a 7.7 yards per rush clip.

    Having played only 8 seasons it possible Malano will set a mark that will never be caught having already a 400 yard all time lead with maybe another 4-6 seasons left in his legs.

    Having become a pretty consistent top 10 passer in the league his rushing ability really sets him apart and makes him a nightmare to defend for opposing defenses.
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    Quite a list of qbs their,Think milano will be in the 10k club when its over

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