QB Brock Rogan threw 41 TD's & was a Top 2 QB in the league this past season for the Las Vegas Curse

Manhattan, NY

The team that will be playing in a new city, with a sharp new logo, and a sharp new identity, will also be doing so with a sharp new QB who will instantly become the face of the franchise overnight.

The Manhattan Starbirds and GM Tee Starbird came to terms with the Las Vegas Curse brass late Saturday night, on a deal that will send the coveted veteran to Manhattan for a 4th round pick.

Yes, the Starbirds were able to secure arguably a Top 3 QB in the league for a 4th round pick. How so you might ask? Well it's obvious the Starbirds brass had some good blackmail on the Curse, just kidding, however, the real answer is the cap number that Rogan carries combined with the fact the Curse have one of the youngest, brightest stars at the position in Myles Forbes.

Slated to carry just a shade under $54 million cap number, the Curse office had no choice but to deal the 9 year veteran, essentially just hoping to get something of value before deciding to cut the celebrated QB with 17 4th quarter comebacks and over 30,000 passing yards. With over 200 million in cap room this offseason, the deal was really a no brainer.

For the Starbirds, they were ecstatic, after watching rookie Tre Banner look lost for most of the season on his way to the 3rd worst QB rating in the league. Rogan brings many things to the organization that can and cannot be quantified, including his "idolized" popularity as one of the most popular players in the league.

Rogan ranked 2nd in the league in QBR with a 111.6 rating. He threw 41 TD's to just 14 picks last season. All the while, he led his team to an 11-5 record and a playoff berth.

Those are the results the Starbirds are hoping to capture with Brock at the helm. He won't be too far from home either, growing up in Cato, NY, just outside of Syracuse, and not too far from Manhattan where the Starbirds will play their games in 2051.

Rumor has it there was another team looking to move a high priced, franchise type QB for picks, so what was the deciding factor for GM Tee Starbird? Apparently the fact that Rogan is a Leo, same as Starbird, believe it or not.

With Brock Rogan at the helm in Manhattan, with an organization that went 3-13 last year, the future looks very bright...some would even say as bright as a Star..

- AP