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Thread: Return of the FOBL CUP

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    Poughkeepsie Paladins vs Wisconsin Snowbirds

    Top 1st:
    Clint Ross on the mound. Robbie Cunningham up to bat and grounds out to short. Tom Neill works the count to 3-2 before singling between the 1st and 2nd basemen. Tommy May flies out to left. Chet Hohn works a 3-0 before taking one for a strike. He singles to right...Tom Neill on his horse and is safe at third. Chet Hill wastes no time and singles the first pitch to right. Tom Neill scores and Chet Hohn moves to third. Jerry McNeill ends the inning with a groundout to second.

    Bottom 1st:
    Pat Maslen up to pitch and Fred Kelly up to bat. He takes a 1-2 hanging slider over the 3rd baseman's head and gets to second standing up. Al Maxwell grounds out the second but moves Fred Kelly to third. Randy Smith hits a high bouncer to third, Kelly is on his horse, tucker has it but gets the force out at first. He didn't throw to home! Julian Castillo ends the inning with a fly out to center.

    Top 2nd:
    Perez singles to right but Tucker grounds into the 4-6-3 double play. Curt Rogers strikes out swinging.

    Bottom 2nd:
    1-2-3 inning. Maslen strikes out two.

    Top 3rd:
    1-2-3 inning.

    Bottom 3rd:
    Branch and Robinson both ground out. Fred Kelly up to bat, works the count to 3-2 and hits one that barely clears left field but it still counts! Al Maxwell singles. Randy Smith strikes out to end the inning. 2-1 Wisconsin

    Top 4th:
    Chet Hohn grounds out. Chet hill singles to left. Micah Bumbalough comes on in relief. Jerry McNeil hits a ground ball between second and first and pulls him away from getting the double play. Chet hill to second. Hector Perez singles to left and moves Hill to third. Tucker grounds into the fielder's choice at 2nd.

    Bottom 4th:
    Castillo grounds out and Guilfoil strikes out looking. Kinney and Brad Phillps (Yes that Brad Phillips) both single but Branch ends the inning with a ground out to short.

    Top 5th:
    Rogers reaches first on an error but Cunningham flies out to left. Tom Neill up to bad and lines the 1-2 pitch to the gap in left center, he stands up into second and rogers is held up at third. Tommy May hits one deep but it's caught at the warning track. Rogers tags and heads for home, Guilfoil makes the throw, its on line but it's not in time and the Paladins tie it at two. Chet Hohn up watches the first offering, a fast ball high and inside called for a strike. The 0-1 pitch and it's way back, way back, and it's gone! Chet Hohn makes it a 2 run lead. Chet Hill walks on 4 straight pitches. Jerry McNeill works a full count and walks. Men of first and second. Hector Perez grounds it to short and ends the inning on a fielders choice, but the damage is done. The Paladins score three and it's now 4-2!

    Bottom 5th:
    Al Maxwell hits a two out double but Randy Smith flies out to right to end the inning.

    Top 6th:
    Gus Burgess in relief. Tucker grounds to short, one out. Rogers with a line drive single to left. Cunningham takes the first pitch and grounds between short and third. Robinson on his horse and makes a diving stop at short but can't make the play and everyone is safe. Tom Neill hits a comebacker over the pitchers head and singles to center. Bases are loaded. Tommy May up to bat. Ball one in the dirt. Fast ball up in the zone but still called a strike. Ball two up high. 2-1 pitch, fouled off to the third base side. 2-2 pitch and he strikes out swinging. Chet Hohn up to bat. First pitch a slider and that ball is gone! A grand salami for Hohn and the Paladins are now leading it 8-2. The Paladins are breaking it wide open. The Snowbirds are making a switch and in comes Willie Nixon to the mound. Chet Hill up to bat and grounds out to first with Nixon covering first.

    Bottom 6th:
    Castillo grounds out, Guilfoil walks and Kinney flies out. B Phillips is up and he takes a 2-2 single to right and Guilfoil races to third. Donnie Branch up but grounds out to short. That is the second time tonight that Branch has ended the inning and he's left a total of 4 men on base tonight.

    Top 7th:
    Ho Hum inning. McNeil flies out to center. Perez flies out to left. Tucker singles to right but Rogers strikes out swinging. Scores is still 8-2 Paladins.

    Bottom 7th:
    Robinson and Kelly ground out. Maxwell doubles to left. Randy Smith up and singles over the second baseman's head and Maxwell heads to third. Smith tries for second and McNeil tries to gun him out at second. The throw is late! Smith sneaks home and the Snowbirds have scored their third run tonight. Castillo ends the rally flying out to left.

    Top 8th:
    Cunningham Doubles to lead off the inning. Tom Neill up. Here's the pitch and Cunningham is off to third, there's no throw and he's safe at third with a stolen base. So Cunningham is at third with no outs, 2-1 to Tom Neil. A little roller up along first...behind the bag! It gets through Castillo! and Cunninghanm scores! 9-3 Paladins. Robbins strikes out swinging and Chet Hohn ends the inning with a 6-4-3 double play.

    Bottom 8th:
    Maslen still in the game. Guilfoil singles to right. Kinney up. First pitch a fast ball strike one. The 0-1 pitch, and it's a long high flyball and it just clears the left field fence and the Snowbirds score two more to make it 9-5. In comes Pat Davis in relief. Phillips singles, but Branch grounds into the 4-3 double play. Don Robinson flies out to left and ends the inning. The Snowbirds make a comeback but can't sustain the rally.

    Top 9th:
    1-2-3 inning as Nixon strikes out two.

    Bottom 9th:
    Fred Kelly singles as does Al Maxwell. Runners on first and second as Dwaine Scrooby comes in to pitch. Randy Smith walks! The bases are loaded. Castillo up. 2-1 pitch and he stubs it back to the pitcher and Scrooby gets the force out at home. Guilfoil up and he hits a line drive down the first base line. Maxwell Scores, Smith Scores and Castillo is safe at third and Guilfoil is in at second standing. The score is 9-7 Paladins. Kinney up and and grounds out to third but Castillo scores to make it 9-8! Lennay Kekua up in relief. B Phillips up to bat. I don't care what anyone says this guy is still a home run threat. First pitch low and away called strike. 0-1 pitch fouls it off behind the plate. 0-2 pitch a backdoor slider. Phillips buckles and makes an awkward stab at it and strikes out swinging! That's hoe it ends. Paladins 9, Snowbirds 8 and the Paladins own the CUP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolvie109 View Post
    Lennay Kekua up in relief. B Phillips up to bat. I don't care what anyone says this guy is still a home run threat. First pitch low and away called strike. 0-1 pitch fouls it off behind the plate. 0-2 pitch a backdoor slider. Phillips buckles and makes an awkward stab at it and strikes out swinging! That's hoe it ends. Paladins 9, Snowbirds 8 and the Paladins own the CUP!
    Gutty way to close it out.

    gratz 2 dan

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    WOOT! Quite the shock given where the Paladins are in the standings right now. Figures it would take a "real" fake person to close it out for the win. I really thought at the start of the season that the real Paladins would be a much more competitive team than the last few seasons, so nice to see it play out in the Cup. So make sure you PM me with the settings you used soon Wolvie.

    Thanks so much for reviving the Cup Wolvie, appreciate all the work you did to make it happen. Expect my "financial donation" to a charity of your choice to arrive in your bank account shortly...
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    Wish i had more time (and a better memory) to finish the Cup sooner. Hopefully next time I won't be as busy. Maybe I'll do this every four fake years...

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