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Thread: Brainstorming: Contract Length

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simms View Post
    I don't feel a desperate urge to change anything, but if we're spitballing anyway, I had this idea. Note that I have not thought through the league-wide economic implications of something like this, so it's very possible there's a good reason why it would never work. It's also probably a pain to keep track of administratively, but what the hell ...

    1. Keep the 5/100k rookie deals (I'm fine with getting rid of the callup exemption).
    2. Players only get one RFA contract. It can be 1-5 years in length, on a graduated scale (no 3-year sweet spot ... 1 year deals would be the cheapest, 5 years the most expensive), and during bidding, the player's current owner retains all hometown/loyalty discounts.
    3. After the initial RFA contract expires, the player becomes a UFA, and the existing contract rules apply (5 year max / 3 year sweet spot, no discounts).
    Ooooh, I kinda like that one.

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    I think part 3 is no good.

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    seems like we're all on different pages

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    If we're spitballing...

    1. FAC's arbitration. [/dead horse]
    1a. RFA based on 75% of final arbitration amount. UFA at any time if not offered arbitration.
    2. Eliminate call-up exemption (if the salary report shows as a FA, he's a FA).
    3. Variable sweet spot based on age. 4 year sweet spot for those under 28, 3 year sweet spot for 33-29, 2 year sweet spot for 34+.

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