Hollywood announced their return to the FOBL elite by pulling a worst-to-first in the highly competitive Skates division last season.

Per the Hollywood S.O.P., Shaw accomplished the return to prime time via a few shrewd FA signings and trades; specifically, OF Len Hayes, 1B Norm Henson, RP R.J. Marks, SS Jeremiah Scott, and SP Vern Gordon.

But they aren't enough to get the job done. Luckily, Chief Whore Shaw amassed a metric asston of draft picks while in FOBL purgatory, and amazingly, not all of them died. Sure, there are a healthy number of busts (Lynwood Robertson, Pancho Ibarra, Adrian Macruer, Liam Begley, and Dan Medford among others), but enough youngsters survived the residual kneecappers in Hollywood to make significant contributions in 2049 and going forward.

One of Shaw's greatest mistakes is in bold above despite no longer being a Whore. SP Ivan Soto will soon be one of the top SP in FOBL, but he'll be doing it for Capital City. You're welcome, VL. In Shaw's defense, he thought Soto was getting Gilloolied by the dev stick and needed cash to fund his free agent spree (thanks to the Medford boner), so he shipped him off for cash considerations. Now he can only dream of having him in the HOL rotation and I hear that makes Shaw really sad.

2050 Hollywood Media Whores Outlook

Outgoing Personnel (* starter-level)

SP Vern Gordon (FA) *
SP Nate Buchanan *
SP Doug Taylor *
C Cisco Linares (trade)
C Diego Ortiz (FA)
3B Ruben Perez (salary dump) *
OF Whit Miller (salary dump) *

Of these, Gordon is the big fish, but his contributions were moderate at best. Buchanan and Taylor had strong beginnings to the season, but tailed off. Miller never fulfilled his potential.

Incoming Personnel (* starter-level)

SP Raul Guzman (trade)*
SP Pat Heath (callup)*
SP/RP Ed Bena (callup)*
C Toshiyuki Seki (FA)
3B J.D. Durn (callup)*
OF Denis Lavant (callup)
OF Gustavo Gregory (callup)*

Guzman is superior to Gordon. Durn is a miracle mLFA dev baby and should be an upgrade over Perez et al. Gregory absolutely fucking raked in his September callup and should be all kinds of an upgrade over Miller. The big question is whether Heath and Bena can equal or exceed what Buchanan and Taylor gave us. Ratings say yes, but when have ratings ever mattered in OOTP?

Starting Rotation

SP Raul Guzman - big time - future HoFer
SP Pat O'Donnell - All-Star in his 2nd season
SP Pete Davis - Solid #3/4 SP
SP Pat Heath - Former 2nd overall pick, should hold his own
SP/RP Ed Bena - Has the ratings to be a competent 2-pitch SP. If he fails, a deal for a SP will need to be made


RP R.J. Marks - Rock star
RP Santiago Jimenez - Best non-100K bullpen value in FOBL?
RP Kaleb Miller - 5th round pick provides solid innings
RP Lennay Kekua - adequate
CL Joey Cecil - time for him to put up or shut up

2B Jared Clark - 9/9/1/8/9 vs. RHP
LF Cisco Chavez - 5.8 WAR last season
CF Len Hayes - 9.2 WAR last season
1B Norm Henson - 59 HR, 7.7 WAR last season
RF Gustavo Gregory - 8/11/10/4/5 vs. RHP, 1.028 VORP in 23 games last season
DH Brad Potter - 41 HRs last season
SS Jeremiah Scott - 49 HRs, +7.3 RF at SS last season
C Doug Noah - 33 HR, 3.7 WAR in his rookie season
3B J.D. Durn - 8/7/5/8/8 potential for this DES 5th round castoff


HOL should be better this year, but so are our competitors. If we can avoid injuries to our SP and get positive VORP out of SPs Davis, Heath and Bena, we should make the playoffs with room to spare. Then we feel good putting Guzman and O'Donnell out there 5 times in a 7-game series.