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Thread: Virginia 50th Anniversary Preview

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    Default Virginia 50th Anniversary Preview

    We are on a nice little run over the past seven seasons, with two division titles and 3 runner-up finishes. Unfortunately, we don't have much in the way of playoff hardware to show for it, but it beats the hell out of the flailing and intermittent sobbing that characterized our NINE YEAR stretch from '34 to '42 where we never won more than 70 games (and never lost more than 60!). Yes we even sucked at tanking.

    Fortunately for our ADD owner and much, much less importantly, our fans, it looks like we will be in the hunt in 2050. Our shittacular 2047 campaign taught us one important lesson - defense actually matters in this stupid game. And the team has worked hard to make defense a key part of our team building approach.

    Here is a look at the team we are running out there for 2050:


    1b Victor Sanchez (SHB): Sanchez was a big FA signing for us in 2049. He produced in a big way in his first season and remains a key piece of the 'Chuck offense. His defensive rating is solid, although he has marginal range.

    baseball age: 30
    salary: 6.35m/2
    position rating: 9
    key stats: 6.4 WAR, 287/356/570 slash with 45 dongs, 134 runs and 151 ribs
    honorifics: GL all-star, All FOBL 3rd team

    3b Willie Boswell (RHB): Boswell continued his quiet but steady play for VIR in 2049. Not as flashy as some of his teammates, Boswell continued to play gold glove caliber defense at 3rd while producing a bunch of runs. In his contract year, and with many players to re-sign, this may be his last year in a 'Chuck uni.

    baseball age: 28
    salary: 6.58m/1
    position rating: 9
    key stats: 7.0 WAR, 318/406/510 slash, 200 hits, 100+ runs and ribs
    honorifics: GL all-star, All-FOBL 1st team

    DH Douggie Loosemoor (LHB): Loosemoor had a breakout season in 2049 putting up MVP numbers without killing the team in the field. Returned to Virginia for one more rookie deal season after it was determined his long playoff at bat in 2045 would not count against his major league service time (while his short 2046 season would). With Loosemoor likely leaving at season's end, the organization wide search for a replacement has already begun.

    baseball age: 26
    salary: 100k/1
    position rating: dh
    key stats: 7.9 WAR, 317/385/600 slash, 47 dongs, 158 ribs (4th highest in team history)
    honorifics: 2nd team All-FOBL

    LF Ivan Hernandez (LHB): One of the best pure hitters in FOBL, Crazy Ivan returns to the mothership for 2050 with a sweetheart deal. Guaranteed 220 hits per year if he stays healthy. That's a big if, though, as he has missed 60 games in three seasons. Weak defender, has a future DH role in his future. Led the league in hitting for much of second half before fizzling in the last few weeks.

    baseball age: 29
    salary: 4.34m/3
    position rating: 8
    key stats: 4.8 WAR, 334/405/489 in 126 games
    honorifics: none (first missed all star game after making it the previous 5 seasons)

    RF Pat Sheppard (RHB): Sheppard had a major decline in his power numbers in 2049, posting the 2nd lowest SLG of his career. Continues to get on base and steal bases at a great clip. In his walk year (with Loosemoor and Boswell) and the chances of bringing back an aging corner are not a sure thing.

    baseball age: 29
    salary: 6.47m/1
    position rating: 8
    key stats: 4.6 WAR, 312/388/427 slash, 45/14 sb/cs
    honorifics: none

    SS Zak Hurlburt (RHB): Hurlburt took a step back offensively in 2049, shedding 50 points from his OPS. Still, at his rookie deal salary, Hurlburt is a major bargain and is one of the few shortstops with positive offensive value and a plus defensive rating. Acquired for a first rounder prior to 2049 (from rebuilding Durham), this is most likely Hurlburt's last season in the Tater Farm.

    baseball age: 25
    salary 100k/1
    position rating: 9
    key stats: 4.4 WAR, 303/361/419

    CF Jerry Young (RHB): Young was signed in the off-season to upgrade the gaping offensive hole patrolling centerfield known as Manny Gonzales. Gonzalez comes at a reasonable price and has gold glove potential. Gonzales will move to late inning defensive insurance for our less sure-footed veteran corner outfielders.

    baseball age: 31
    salary: 2.51m/3
    position rating: 10
    key stats: 2.9 WAR (Gonzales -1.0), 283/319/444 slash (Gonzales 222/296/296), 20 dongs, 18 steals

    2b Waylon Brown (RHB), C Clarence Evans (LHB), C Adrian Sanchez (RHB): Brown is a 10 rated 2b with a some talent against LHP. Evans and Sanchez are part of a defensive minded catching platoon that we are hoping gives us close to league average offense from behind the plate. These are all replacement level guys that we have on the field for their defense.


    We are amping up our bullpen strategy after a successful 2049 campaign. Four of the top twelve relievers in the entire league were from our pen and after an active free agency, we bid adieu to workhorse Doug Traynor and stud Marlon Morris. Starting pitching has not changed a whole lot. We continue to run out 5 below average to average starters with a very tight leash. Once again, what really matters is our bullpen:

    SOOPER Anastasio Caro (RHP): 2 stam, 100 games, 145 ip, 4.4 WAR, 2.61m/1
    SOOPER Denver Cornett (LHP): 7 stam, 91 games, 113.1 ip, 1.6 WAR (POU), 2.62m/3
    SOOPER Manny Walters (LHP): 3 stam, 78 games, 114 ip, 1.3 WAR, 1.01m/2
    SOOPER Raymo Washington (RHP): 7 stam, 96 games, 114.1 ip, 1.5 WAR (LAS), 1.25m/3
    CLOSER: Coy Kelley (RHP): 2 stam, 48 games, 66 ip, 1.1 WAR, 100k/2
    SHIM: Dwaine Daubney (RHP): 10 stam, 46 games, 43 ip, 0 WAR (MBJ), 770k/3
    SHIM: Conan Johnston (LHP): 3 stam, 52 games, 77 ip, 0 WAR, 180k/2


    Looking to win 100+ again and hopefully not pull a September choke job like we did in the last week of 2049. Death to Hollywood!
    Virginia Woodchucks 2001-2035, 2039-present
    2004, 2010 Solecismic Series Champions
    Gindin League Champions (4) 2004, 2010, 2032, 2060
    Wilderness/Skates Division Champs (9) 2001, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2045, 2048, 2058, 2060

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    I like this team, though I have your first round pick, so I'm rooting for imminent destruction. I think Hollywood is probably better due to their starting pitching, but I like Virginia for 100 wins and a close second (with Triangle there as well).

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    DEFCON Division Champions: 2058, 2059, 2060
    Vaughan League Wild Card: 2006, 2009

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    Front Office Football League Champions: 2054
    AC Champions: 2054
    AC South Champions: 2005, 2006
    AC West Champions: 2050, 2051, 2052, 2053, 2054, 2055
    AC Wild Card: 2007, 2008, 2043, 2045

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    VIR would have won the division by double digit games had Henson not skullfucked the GL in April.

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