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Thread: Honest Ray's 2050 Winter Olympics Trade Block (AKA CapCity Block)

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    Default Honest Ray's 2050 Winter Olympics Trade Block (AKA CapCity Block)

    Honest Ray's 2050 Winter Olympics Trade Block (AKA CapCity Block)
    The centerpiece building for the proposed 1932 Olympic Games in Capital City, Cracktown Field Park construction is shown here nearing completion in 1973.

    As all of you are well aware, the Olympics & Capital City have a long and storied past. Clarence Grant, Buddy's grandfather, was obsessed with hosting the 1932 games, so much so that he secured vast amounts of state & city funding (that would have otherwise been wasted on soup kitchens) to build our current home - Cracktown Field Park. Being a financial genius he was even able to save 75% of the allotted State/city money to build dozens of GrantCo warehouse's throughout what is now known as the "Organized Crime District" of Capital City. Rumors that the saved money was due to paper mache mixed with the ballpark concrete were never proven, nor were the unfounded stories about overcharging for GrantCo lumber or the wild accusations regarding non-payment of hobo labor (turnips were considered legal tender in those days). Unfortunately Los Angeles was awarded the 1932 Olympics even though the Capital City Olympic facilities were nearly completed (EDITOR: Most of the buildings were actually completed in the early 1970's), but Clarence Grant's Olympic dreams still paid off in a big way when he won 1000's of Reich-marks from the chancellor of Germany by gambling on American sprinter Jesse Owens during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Apparently the German chancellor at the time (I forget the name) thought Clarence Grant cheated on the bets and swore he would "make them all pay". Some people are just bad sports I guess!!

    That takes us to the present, and let me assure you that 'bad sports' are not welcome at the modern Olympic games, only good sport attitudes need apply. Technically, only a few of the Winter Olympic sports are considered 'good' sports, but we have to give the Viking ancestors (AKA Canadians, Siberians, and Scandinavians) some fun now that the UN has banned pillaging. In a loving tribute to the current winter Olympics we have decided to block some non-Scandinavian country athletes, and give our fellow FOBL owners a sporting chance to win some medals.

    Important note about the 'Post-It Prices' below: Feel free to PM me with counter offers, especially offers that subsidize a lower pick with cash or lottery prospects.

    - 2B Cris Anaya: An American from San Fernando California. His best Winter Olympic event is the 2 man Luge, which he prefers doing solo.
    Why you need him: Ready to be a 2B starter in the FOBL right now, he's only 25, has survived all the bad dev minefields, and has not even used up his call-up year. Good defense (7), good running ratings (7/9/8), Very High intel & work ethic, and dominant stats at every minor league level (6 straight seasons of .300+ batting & .800+ OPS).
    Why We don't need him: We have really lucked out our infielder draft pick dev and have a glut of infielder talent in the majors & at AAA.
    REDUCED POST-IT PRICE: A 1st 2nd & 5th round pick OR $2.8 $1.8 million cash.

    - 2B Hector Mendoza: Another American, this time from Buzzards Bay (sounds like a made up city if you ask me). Hector speaks both official US languages, and is continuing the great tradition of Spanish Americans dominating the winter Olympics!
    Why you need him: Great D @ 2B/3B, switch-hitter (plus best splits versus RHP), and a 2 year deal for a super cheap $330K per year.
    Why We don't need him: 2 new full time rookie infielders (Currie & Kirton) joining team this year, plus 2 more call-up infielders coming later in the year.
    REDUCED POST-IT PRICE: 2nd 3rd round pick (any year) OR $1.25m $600K cash.

    - LF Pancho Zapata: The third American in the block, Pancho is from Billings Montana and specializes in every winter Olympic event that features batted orbs of any size.
    Why you need him: Great corner OF defense plus good contact and AVG or AVG+ in all other hitting categories. Ready to be an FOBL OF starter right now, he's 26 years old and has not yet used up his call-up year.
    Why We don't need him: The usual OF logjam/surplus.
    REDUCED POST-IT PRICE: 3rd & 4th 5th round picks (any years) OR $850K $700K cash.

    - LF Rod Barton: The fourth & final American in the block, Barton is from NYC and hopes to collect his Olympic participation badge by being shot out of a cannon for distance (while wearing ice skates).
    Why you need him: Cheap 1 year, $100K contract which can be tough to get in RFA since most passible players still get 3 years @ 100K. Some stolen base abilities too.
    Why We don't need him: He's a fine & cheap back up OF, that's about it though.
    POST-IT PRICE: 5th round pick (any year) OR $10K cash.
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    Huckleberry, do yourself a favor and search for all of Buddy G's trade blocks over the years. It's some good reading.

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    Seriously. Buddy's a genius.
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    Thx guys, no genius here, just far too much spare time. The downside of creative writing trade blocks is the semi-amusing distraction from the purpose of the post - the selling off of useful players. Hopefully I can get a few trades or PM counter offers from the effort:-).

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    Bump for a slash of post-it prices!

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