View Poll Results: Which change to the financial incentives do you prefer?

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  • Plan A (below)

    8 47.06%
  • Plan B (below)

    6 35.29%
  • No preference, I will vote for either

    2 11.76%
  • I will vote NO to either of these

    1 5.88%
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Thread: New financial incentives

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    Default New financial incentives

    Please vote for the appropriate selection. The plans are below. The only difference between the two is in italics (2nd place and 4th place).

    If your preference for one over the other is so strong that you would vote NO if that one is not the final proposal, PLEASE indicate below.

    Discussion thread is here.

    Plan A

    Division regular-season finish bonuses

    1st - 3M
    2nd - 1.25M
    3rd - 500k
    4th - 250k

    Playoff bonuses

    LCS winner: 1M
    SS winner: 2M

    Plan B

    Division regular-season finish bonuses

    1st - $3M
    2nd - $1.5M
    3rd - $500K
    4th - Zero

    Playoff bonuses

    SS loser: $1M
    SS Winner: $2M

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    As I said in the other thread though I voted for B I would vote for either.

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    In an effort to track the potential votes, I'm going to go under the assumption that people would vote for either unless they post here saying they really prefer one or the other. This poll is basically to see which proposal has the most support and to unearth any opposition (in a productive way) that has remained silent up until now.

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