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Thread: 2049 All-Star starters announced

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    Default 2049 All-Star starters announced

    Wolvie and DocP have a lot to work with this year. Thanks to all who voted!

    VL Starters

    C Dylan Vessy UTI
    1B Daron Ewers CAP OR Vince Tellez BAR (DocP to break the tie)
    2B Mitch Robinson ARZ
    3B Pat Preston BAR
    SS Don Jones TRE
    LF Manny Morin ARZ
    CF Bubba Lewis ORO
    RF Trey Richmond CAP
    DH Gene Gill TRE

    SP Gene McClendon MBJ

    GL Starters

    C Manny Marroquin NRW
    1B Norm Henson HOL
    2B Jared Clark HOL
    3B Willie Boswell VIR
    SS Chet Swain BOS OR Milo West NRW (Wolvie to break tie)
    LF Micah Kelly NRW
    CF Len Hayes HOL
    RF Victor Jimenez DAV
    DH Don MacKinley TRI

    SP Dani Lopez KEN

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    LOL...Happy wuz robbed! (Not that I won't take the honor; thanks Shaw!)

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    Congrats to the All-Stars. How many times did Shaw and Wolvie vote, btw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by frozenrope View Post
    Congrats to the All-Stars. How many times did Shaw and Wolvie vote, btw?
    Hey now if I could vote multiple times, they'd all be NRW guys except for Henson and Hayes...maybe Donnie Mac too.

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    Tellez wins the tie at 1B.

    Tellez's BA, OPS and WAR are superior to that of Ewers. Plus he deserves some recognition after winning ROY last season.

    Ewers will still make the team as a reserve.

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