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Thread: Shortening the Draft Process

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    Default Shortening the Draft Process

    Some things I have noticed since helping out with the draft this year. I just want to gauge everyone's interest in shortening the draft. Not that it really needs shortening but it seems that there are a fair amount of owners that don't mind being OTTO'd for their 4th or 5th round picks. My suggestion would be:

    1. Shorten the "live" aspect to three rounds.
    2. Keep the pick length the same (1st round is 4 hours, 2nd round is 3 hours, and 3rd round is 2 hours)
    3. 4th and 5th round picks are still available to trade.
    4. 4th-10th rounds are on OTTO draft

    Other suggestion would be to do the same as above but with the 5th-10th rounds on OTTO draft. The 4th round would remain live and have a 1 hour limit.
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    I'm surprised how smoothly and quickly this draft has breezed by.

    I think it's fine.

    I just think guys who know they're not picking should be courteous and send the BOG or Commish or Draft Czar a PM informing them they'll be on otto. That way we don't have to wait the 3-4 hours for a guy to *not* make his pick.

    There will always be guys who want to make as many of their own picks as they can. I don't think we should deprive them of that, especially when the picks are tradable.

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    What needs to be sped up? The draft went very quicklty, and we finished days earlier than scheduled.
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    You're right it doesn't need to be sped up and it has gone by very quickly. I was just thinking it would be easier from an administrative standpoint. It isn't a big deal either way I was just making a suggestion based on what I noticed about all the OTTO picks going on.

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    I like your moxie, kid. You're going to do great things on the BoG, I tell ya, great things!

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    I voted to go 4 live and the rest otto, but yeah - as long as people aren't going to bish about DRAFT HELD HOSTAGE type situations, we are fine leaving it as is.

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