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Thread: Carter Plans to Retire After Season

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    Default Carter Plans to Retire After Season

    Christian “Muleshoe” Carter announced his plans to retire from the FOFL after the season. The announcement came Monday afternoon, after 15 years and three trips to the FOFL Bowl (one starting) as the quarterback of the French Ticklers. Carter, who is on the final year of a 3 year contract, plans to call it quits after the 2043 season.

    At an emotional press conference held at Novelty Stadium, Muleshoe choked back tears as he said, "I know it's the right thing. I know it's the right thing for me because of my age, health, the leg problems I've had. It took its toll."

    Muleshoe has suffered as many as eight leg injuries during his FOFL career, which will leave many teams reluctant to take the chance that he can lead their team through an entire season. He hopes to explore a career in the logistics and transportation business; a family career centered in his hometown of Muleshoe Texas. "I was born near US-70, rode the road with my father (a trucker) growing up, and have played most of my ball near the highway. I have always had an appreciation for how the great roads connect and serve America. I want to be a part of that."

    Muleshoe is projected to end his French days with around 4,200 completions on 7,200 pass attempts for over 53,000 yards. He has currently thrown 378 touchdown passes and 140 interceptions, but the biggest measure of Christian Carter's value as a quarterback was his leadership abilities.

    Muleshoe was the leader of the great Tickler teams of the thirties and forties which contained many other great players, but it was always Muleshoe's team. He was the key to making their offense click. He was a huge part of the success that had the Ticklers in the playoffs from 2029-2042.
    And Muleshoe has been a huge part of the success of the Ticklers since the day he was drafted. Muleshoe represented a sense of continuity for the Ticklers. Ted Haddad was fading, and this young second round pick turned into the quarterback to build around.

    His debut as a second year player was good enough to end the Turk’s holdout, throwing three touchdowns in a 28-13 beat down of rival Indianapolis. After the rest of the season plying mop-up, Muleshoe was ready to take the reins in 2031. He also suffered the first leg injury that same season.

    In 2036 he was voted the League MVP and Offensive Player of the Year, in 2038 he won the FOFL bowl and FOFL Bowl MVP.

    Going into this season, Carter has been in more playoff games than any QB and only Todd Pineda has started more playoff games at the position.

    He will end his career having accomplished virtually everything a player could dream of, and the only thing left for him now is to be enshrined in the FOFL Hall of Fame. And that is an honor that will surely be bestowed upon him as soon as he is eligible.

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