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    Default Discussion: Pre-Season OC Check

    This obviously came up as a result of my own situation, and I made a few arguments along these lines in the BoG discussion thread about what to do with me, so I figured I'll put this out there for some official discussion and see what others think.

    I have long held that making the Pre-Season OC check *enforceable* is silly and, in many cases, unfair. I think it's tremendously useful as a barometer as teams come out of the off-season, but because it's largely based on the performance of the previous year's team/roster, which may or may not resemble the team/roster starting the season in question, the data used to calculate it is only marginally relevant. Plus, as mentioned in Cuervo's resolution thread, there is nothing preventing teams from exceeding their OC after opening day, essentially making the enforced pre-season check mildly arbitrary.

    I think the OC enforceability is very important at the all-star break/trade deadline, because that is the last opportunity for teams to make moves of their own volition to avoid financial ruin (and even then, it's not a guarantee, as it's forseeable that a team could make moves to be compliant at the deadline, hit a bad stretch in August/September, and still end up with a negative balance).

    While I am a strong advocate for the regular publication of updated (and accurate ) owner's caps, I would like to propose that we eliminate the enforced cap at the start of the season only.

    Please note: My moves this year were based entirely off of bad information. I was and am aware of the existing rule, and was not intentionally looking to flout it, despite my feelings on the matter. But in presenting my argument as a corollory (not in an effort to excuse the situation), it was suggested that I bring it up as an amendment. So here we are.
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    I am not a super strong opinion either way, but my preference is always to be more restrictive here and allow people to make moves later in the season if they find they happily have a better outcome in the early part of the year. A team overloading on payroll who is banking on exceeding prior performance is vulnerable to rare but possible bad outcomes (e.g. big contract FA star gets hurt for 7-8 weeks) that can leave them scrambling with less time and fewer potential trading partners with flexibility in midseason (compared to preseason) to work out a fix.

    The bandwagon component was envisioned early on as a kind of drag on bad teams overcoming shit reputation among their fans - and yeah, the components of the financial system all evolved and no longer mean the same thing, but I enjoy thinking of them in the old ways. Plus, I worked a while for a guy who built ARMA process cointegrated macro models to simulate an economy, so I am predisposed to accepting AR1 or even AR2 lags as a "reasonable" basis for forecasting.

    If enough owners feel this is tamping down on the fun, though, i'm fine with ditching it since fun is the objective in FOBL.

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    I think not enforcing the opening day OC check is fine, as long as the penalties for finishing the season with a negative cash balance are appropriately severe (ie a penalty in addition to selling off assets, which the shawstitution may or may not already indicate (tl;dr)).

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