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    Default Universe update

    Hi guys,

    i'm new in modding with FOF. How can i change the team names to reflect the actual league teams?
    For example on my PC there is still the brigantine greenheads.
    I tryed to click on "change city affiliations" in my FOF but my team (New Jersey People) results that is in Pittsburg.
    This operation must be done by the commish or can i do it myself?


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    I'll have to put a new file up, been busy and it has gotten lost in the shuffle. But what you can do is first to change the nickname using 'Edit Franchise Nicknames'. After that, select 'Edit City Names' and select the old city in the dropdown. Enter the new city name and abbreviation then click 'OK'.

    This should work fine even if you are not in commissioner mode.

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