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  • 6 teams from each league, mandating the use of BYEs

    18 56.25%
  • 8 teams from each league, as we do now

    14 43.75%
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Thread: Discussion - new playoff format - poll #3

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    I voted for 8...but I did it reluctantly and might switch to 6. I think having more teams make the playoffs has really boosted the participation level. I know I have spend money knowing I had a realistic chance to make the playoffs. if it was 6, there are moves I would not have made. I think it would be a step back.

    /yes, I know I'm one of the 4th place teams.

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    Ok, new poll going up.

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    (11:02:53) Young_Drachma: you can post my revised information
    (11:03:08) Young_Drachma: I've talked to Markus about this issue directly and he said the game no longer has a rust factor attributed to teams that have to sit in the post-season
    (11:03:12) Young_Drachma: and that it's just rest
    (11:04:12) Young_Drachma: also, in SLOP, we've successfully used byes for probably 20 seasons now and there seems to be no real problem with it, at all. In fact, we actually avoid doing the 4-team playoffs because I don't want 4th seeds that have been getting their clock cleaned all year being able to win in a short series against a top seed
    (11:04:26) Young_Drachma: so the top seed gets a bye to the LCS and the 2 v 3 in each league play each other
    (11:04:39) Young_Drachma: and when we had 5 teams in the playoffs, i still rigged it to have the top seed getting a bye to the LCS
    (11:04:41) Young_Drachma: for the same reason

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    Also worth noting that a fourth-way solution of still giving 4th place teams some playoff shares, but not letting them in the playoffs is something MLB did for non-qualifying 2nd place teams that didn't make the wild card up through last year (before they added the 2nd wild card) and our financial system over in Indy 500 beisbolville provided for it too back when the playoffs briefly had 5 teams per league rather than 3.
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