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    Default French Takes Six

    In an unprecedented move, The French Ticklers have taken 6 defensive backs in the 2039 FOFL draft. In the last pick of the first round, the Ticklers selected S Melvin Alston from Louisiana-Monroe. Two picks later at 2-2 the Ticklers tapped Western Kentucky's S Matt Elliott. At the end of the third round French selected Mississippi's S Jorge Dingle. Pausing a round to take an offensive player the Ticklers returned to action taking CBs Nick Schroeder (Buffalo), Leslie Carlisle (Weber), and Shaun Perry (Michigan) In the 5th and 6th rounds.

    New Head Coach Daniel Beaton made it known in the locker room that he would not tolerate mediocrity in the defensive backfield. "We have an explosive offense and a great pass rush. There is no reason for the secondary to struggle so much. "

    Going into the draft the Ticklers were carrying 9 defensive backs, and expect to keep 9 into the season. "You do the math," quipped GM Fritz. "There will be some disappointed players after training camp, but we have to constantly improve."

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    I think Elliot was a very good pick, was hoping to get him at 2-2 with the trade offer.

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