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Thread: FOFL Returns to Calverton (Md)

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    Default FOFL Returns to Calverton (Md)

    In recorded history there have been only three confirmed cases of rising from the dead: Jesus, Spock, and Zombies. That select group now boasts a fourth member: the famous footballing Calverton Caledonians.

    Older readers may remember the Caledonians from the early years of the league, the kind of team that made the playoffs every now and then before bowing out meekly, usually to Washington. More famous for their natty plaid helmets than anything they ever did on the field, they're sure to be welcomed back by current FOFL owners as another easy-to-beat team.

    When asked how he thought the new Calverton team would measure up to previous resurrectionistas, critch confirmed that he'd be happy if his team are even half as successful as Jesus over the next 2000 years, before adding "What about Lazarus? Wasnít he one too?"

    The move to Calverton brings to an end FOFLís antipodean adventure following the disappearance of the previous owner, infamous Australian organized crime boss Brale. The good people of Australia will now have to rely on cricket and rugby for their sporting entertainment.

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    You do have a good looking helmet indeed.

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    effing awesome
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