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    Ted ďthe TurkĒ Haddad's path to the FOFL was unexpected but it is not surprising that he is still productive in a Hall of Fame FOFL career and part of a winning tradition because that is all he has known since college. Most don't know that he did not start his career at Kalamozoo but transferred from St. Cloud State where he was a second team All-NSIC selection in 2011. He then sat out in 2012 and dominated Division III in 2013, 2014, and 2015 as a back-to-back-to-back first team All-MIAA and first team All-American selection. Haddad finished with 4,712 yards and 44 touchdowns in his junior campaign while throwing for a jaw dropping 527 catches for 5955 yards and 64 touchdowns as a senior.

    Then in the 2016 FOFL Draft he was the 1st overall selection by the French Ticklers and the rest is history.

    Many thought we were crazy back in 2013 when we felt that Kalamozoo quarterback Ted Haddad would be a FOFL player, but now that prediction looks pretty smart after the solid year he had in helping the Ticklers win a Championship. He finished this season with 409 completions for 5110 yards and fourteen touchdowns, then dominated Chesapeake in the FOFL Bowl where the Turk torched career Pass Defense % leader Irv Smith and company.

    We are coming up on the 2030 fake football season and still ready to play after 14 seasons is Ted Haddad. We were fortunate to catch up with the Turk to talk about when he made the jump to the FOFL, the biggest differences in D3 and the FOFL, whether or not he thinks D3 is not scouted enough.

    TFZ: First, Ted thanks for taking time to chat with us!

    Ted: Thanks for having me!

    TFZ: What was the biggest adjustment from D3 to the FOFL?

    Ted: Speed of the game and understanding of the terminology.

    TFZ: People talk about how big the jump is. What is the biggest physical difference in D3 and FOFL players?

    Ted: D3 is under scouted. There are a lot of guys just undersized and not as athletically talented all the way around. That is part of the reason they play D3. There are some diamonds in the rough. It is all about the transition and how you make it from one league to another.

    TFZ: How did the CFL Scouts Game help you make the transition?

    Ted: It was a good jump for me and showed me the competition around me and the guys I was competing against. It was a good experience for me. It taught me how pro corners are and helped me in being scouted and performing well every day with scouts at practices and interviewing. It was a great opportunity and experience.

    TFZ: You have a lot of family in Turkey. What is the latest you have heard there after the devestaing earthquakes?

    Ted: No, you have that wrong. My grandfather was from Lebanon, he was Christian Lebanese. I picked up the nickname because we carried 9 wide receivers at the ĎZoo and it was my job to tell them which ones were going to be inactive. Every Thursday I would go down to the locker room after meeting with the coaches and break the news.

    I do feel for the Turkeys, ah, people of Turkey.

    TFZ: Since you have been with the Ticklers have you had time to follow up on Kalamozoo and talk to anyone there?

    Ted: I keep up as much as I can talking to the coaches. I canít really watch the games unless it is on national TV. I have not been back in years.

    TFZ: What was the biggest reason for your success this year?

    Ted: The offense is not much different than it has been. I have some really good guys to throw the ball to who I know well. It starts with Victor (Curtis) and Mario (Burton), and Jorge (Wallace) and Mel (Chapman) could start for most of the teams in the league. I think the defense is a good as it has been since I have played in the pros. Jimmy Goeken just seems to brought it all together for those guys.

    TFZ: Who is the toughest corner you have faced in the FOFL?

    Ted: I donít know. There have been a lot of tough defensive backs.

    TFZ: What is the biggest difference in a college defense and FOFL defense?

    Ted: D3 defense just plays straight up. The defensive backs are much slower than the receivers. The FOFL defenses have as much talent as the offense and Quarterbacks have to read the coverage they are playing because they disguise it well.

    TFZ: What are you working on this off-season and what are your goals for next year?

    Ted: I plan on working on everything, with a focus on conditioning. You have to always get better. You have to stay limber and strong. I am looking forward to a great year. I want a conference championship, playoffs at our house, and winning the FOFL Bowl. That is all that really matters winning the FOFL Bowl.

    TFZ: You are free agent, who's house do you think you will be playing in?

    Ted: Thatís right. I have played for one team for so long I kind of forget. I expect to be franchised. At least, I have been told I would be. So I will be a Tickler again.

    TFZ: How do you feel about that?

    Ted: I asked for a new contract last season, but we couldnít get a deal done and the team drafted another guy. Itís pretty clear we donít share an opinion on how much longer I can play. That is pretty disappointing, but this is a business. It is pretty cool to play in front of 90,000 fans every other week.

    TFZ: Thanks for checking back in with us Ted.

    Ted: No problem man. I appreciate you. Thanks a lot and have a good one!
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    Is he working out with high schoolers in Hattiesburg?
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