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Thread: Breizh Hermines - franchise unveil new idendity

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    Default Breizh Hermines - franchise unveil new idendity

    The team formerly known as the Wyoming Wildfire has changed ownership this offseason. To make this change more visible, the new management has decided to rebrand the franchise and change the name to Breizh Hermines.

    The new design is based on Brittany historical flag (Breizh in breton language). This flag is called "Gwenn ha Du" (which means black and white in breton language). The flag design is largely inspired by the flags of the USA and Greece as both nations were seen at the time as symbols of liberty and democracy. Various stripes depict the original Breizh regions (9 of them, 5 speaking "gallo" and 4 speaking "breizh"), while the symbol is the ducal symbol of an ermine and is the symbol of long lived independance of the Duchy of Brittany which was independent from France until the late 15th century when Duchesse Anne married french king Charles VII to become Queen of France.

    The hermine is the french version of american weasel and is known as "Mustela erminea" and is largely used in heraldic as a symbol of royalty (fleur de lys is another more known widely used symbol for royalty).

    Hermines are fast and agile and that's what we are going to do in this league.

    Breizh Hermines vaincra !

    The design while inspired by the breizh flag has been 100% by our graphics master cuervo72. A big thanks to you. I really enjoy that aspect of multi player leagues.
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    Very nice, Alf! Good luck to you. And I hope you lose today.

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