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    Default BLANKS NO MORE!

    Only 2 years after going into exile at Agate Point, New owner Ken Argot has turned a 4-12 team into FOFL Champions. Critics will point to an 8-8 season this past year, but nothing seems to be spoiling the trophy celebration down at the Cove this weekend. Veteran QB, Mark Conley wins his 2nd FOFL Bowl MVP and will celebrate the win before deciding whether he will return to Smuggler's Cove next year. The Pirates have threatened to slap him with a franchise tag, refusing to renegotiate last year and most likely unwilling to commit to a 3-year contract. Conley is going into his 15th year and before the playoff run, the Pirates were actually just considering letting him go to free agency. Perhaps the Cove should rethink their strategy.

    Strong Safety Colin Bailey won the defensive player of the year, after being voted to the all-league team 2 years in a row. Defensive End, Kenneth Donaldson and Nose Tackle, Jeremy Politte also won end of year honors, along with rookie honors for TE, Harold Meier, LG, Jake Sullivan, K, Archie Meert, and KR Dwight Moore.

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    Congrats, Argot. Yeah, I forgot that this was a ship without a rudder for awhile.

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    Sammie Mueller wants to slap Conley with his wang.


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