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Thread: 2028 Hall of Fame Inductees

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    Default 2028 Hall of Fame Inductees

    2028 was all about the offense. Three wide receivers, two running backs, and one offensive lineman gained entry into the hallowed FOFL Hall of Fame. The 2027-28 wing is currently under construction, but visitors can still gain access to other sections of the historic shrine and museum.

    2028 Hall Inductees

    RB Donnie Benton Norwich Quagmire
    RB Tom Parrish Ayr Bravehearts
    WR Clyde Donaldson Fall River Axmen
    WR Todd Rausch Hell Creek Tyrannosaurs
    WR Chris Sanders Washington Piledrivers
    OL Justin Cranford Fall River Axmen
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    Hey, alright for Mr. Parrish! I'm not sure why, but I didn't think he'd make it in. Back-to-back years with Bravehearts getting in the hall. That neighborhood is really going down the drain.
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    The classes of 2027 and 2028 have been added to the Hall gallery.

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