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    Default Ghost Pirates Draft 2.0

    After using last year's draft to start the rebuilding process, Smuggler's Cove once again found quality and need working hand in hand. Barring a poor Training Camp, every player drafted should start.

    1.13 - OG, Jake Sullivan, West Virginia. A Top 5 Bureau rating of all time for a guard. Great Combine and expected to be a dominant run blocker. Will need to work on pass blocking. Is a bit undersized and will need to bulk up. Fills and immediate need on the offensive line for SMG.

    2.12 - TE, Harold Meier, Penn State. Second TE taken in the draft. Has good blocking skills and runs pass routes well. Will battle last year's 2nd round TE for the #1 slot, but will keep defenses honest when setting up in 2 TE sets.

    3.11 - WR, Kennedy Robbins, Washburn. Looking to add more weapons for QB, Mark Conley, Robbins will line up either opposite last year first rounder, Lon Terry, or in the slot. Robbins is a possession receiver who is strong and will fight for the ball and against bump and run coverage.

    4.10 - K, Archie Meert, Oregon State. Special Teams has been an issue with the Ghost Pirates all of last season. While Grant has not been awful he only made 84% of last year's kicks and had to be inside the 25 to even try an attempt. Kickoffs have also been short. SMG appears to reach at this pick but got what they felt is the best kicker in the draft. They had thought about taking Punter Lawrence Burks here with the aging of Conrad McGhee and punting issues. Grant will have TC to prove that he should keep his job and that the Ghost Pirates should have taken the punter instead.

    5.9 - OG, Omar Baughman, Mississippi State. SMG had targeted Dale Blackburn, before he was gone in the 4th round. The Ghost Pirates knew they needed another offensive lineman and Baughman had impressed them with his game tape. He appears to have average skills but will need time to develop. Even so, he still may be better than the guards they have now.

    6.15 - DT, Rondell Schultz, San Jose State. Schultz had a terrible combine which is problematic for a kid who comes from a smaller school. Still, SMG liked what they saw from Rondell and is hoping his run stuffing ability will help their defensive line that is mostly geared towards rushing the QB. It should also take some double teams off of Politte and help his excel in the 4-3.

    7.14 - ?
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