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Thread: Hurricanes to leave Shreveport?

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    Default Hurricanes to leave Shreveport?

    Shreveport – It has been reported that the new owner of the Shreveport Hurricanes has filed paperwork with the league office to move the struggling franchise to London.

    New owner, Joe Diamond, has no intentions of keeping the franchise in Shreveport, despite pleas from the few devout fans remaining. He was quoted today as saying; “Continuing to keep the team in Shreveport is not only foolish, but reckless. We are simply unable to compete with the amount of support that we have here.”

    While critics of the pending move cite the fact that when the franchise was winning, there was plenty of fan support and ticket sales, ownership flatly rebuffs the notion as poppycock. “This team made the playoffs in ’20 and ’22 and during that 3-year span, ticket sales were no better than 59% capacity.”

    With the franchise likely on the move to London for the upcoming year, fans are left here wondering if they will ever get another franchise.

    When asked if the team was going to keep the traditional team colors and nickname, the team spokesman said it is “doubtful”. When pressed further, he simply stated that the owner has “no real desire to keep the nickname or color scheme” and that “ideas have already been tossed around with league officials for a new nick and colors”.
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    Yeah - great move. About time we had some steady leadership for that godforsaken team.
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