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Thread: Voting: Streamlining Free Agency Rules

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    Default Voting: Streamlining Free Agency Rules

    Do you agree to replace the following free agency rules:

    1. No voidable years
    2. No bonus free contracts when the total contracts is more than 10x the highest veteran minimum salary (the bonus must equal at least 20%).
    3. No contracts of less than three years when players in FA 1 are asking for 3 years or more.

    With the following rule:

    All contract offers to all free agents (restricted and unrestricted) PRIOR TO TRAINING CAMP EACH SEASON must be for a minimum of three seasons.

    Discussion is here.

    Voting closes this coming Monday at noon.

    Changes would take effect for the 2026 season.
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    anything to make the rules simpler yes!

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    Default seems as though this has already been voted on and passed, so this is going into effect for 2026.

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