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Thread: Peterson Leads Class of 2025 into Hall

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    Default Peterson Leads Class of 2025 into Hall

    The FOFL Hall of Fame inducted three players today, including the man many consider to be the greatest player in the history of FOFL, QB Skip Peterson. During his 17 season career, Peterson was named all-FOFL on seven occasions, including five first team nods. Upon his retirement, Peterson was the career leader in a number of passing categories, including attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns and interceptions. The 12th pick in the 2004 draft led the only team he ever played for, Hell Creek, to a whopping eleven National Conference championship games. He took the Tyrannosaurs to seven FOFL Bowls (still a record) and won one. He was named the FOFL Player of the year in 2006 and a Legend of the Game upon his retirement in 2020. He was added to the Hell Creek Ring of Honor in 2021.

    Joining Peterson in the Hall is longtime Hudson Valley signal caller Melvin Beyer. The 2nd pick of the 2005 draft, Beyer was twice named FOFL Bowl MVP during his career, leading the Horsemen to two titles (2010, 2011). He retired after the 2020 season and was added to the Westchester Ring of Honor in 2021. He is ranked 2nd all time in passing yards and 3rd all time in attempts and completions.

    Rounding out the class of 2025 is LT Kendall Lefkowitz. Picked 2nd overall in 2008 by the Toronto Smoke, Lefkowitz was a five time member of the all-FOFL team during his thirteen year career. When his team moved from Toronto to Alabama he stayed on board and retired with the team after 2020. He is currently ranked 6th all time with 383 key run blocks.
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    The HoF continues to disrespect Adam Todd and Guy Baranowski...

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    the FOF voters are tough. First ballot or nothing for them.

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    I always thought Brian Conger was similarly snubbed, but I'm pretty sure the HoF committee in place during that version at least just had a pathological hatred of cornerbacks.

    Anyway, congrats to Skip. There'll never be another Tyrannosaur like him

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