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Thread: League Re-branding

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    Default League Re-branding

    Guys, I think FOCL is a swell league moniker, but I think we can do better, plus I'd like to leave FOCL for our eventual multiplayer curling league.

    Grab hold of this alternative folks...

    Front Office Naismith Devotional League

    Who's with me?

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    that's better than North American Man Basketball Love Association.
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    We could call it...

    Front Office Naismith Dribble Undertaking Enterprise, or FONDUE. I always liked fondue.

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    I am down with FONDL....way down.
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    Since I can't find a way to work FOOTPISS into things, I'd be happy to "settle" for FONDL
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    I want to FONDL PT now. I'm down.

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