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    Please welcome the following players for induction into the Hall of Fame this season:

    QB James Reding
    : A link to the old skool, Reding was the original signal caller for the Austin Amish. Reding was a 12 round pick in the 2003 dispersal draft and put up great numbers early in his career. A second team all-fofl selection in 2006, Reding still ranks 7th all time in passing yards - a mark he gained in a whopping 18 full seasons. His finest season came in 2013 when he threw 31 td (a career high) for the now defunct Texas Sandstorm.

    ILB Kennedy Cooper: A 7th round pick in the 2006 draft, Cooper played his entire career for the Washington Piledrivers. The 2011 Defensive Player of the Year is also the FOFL's all-time leader in tackles and assists and third in fumbles forced. A first team all-fofl selection in '10 and '11, Cooper was named a FOFL Legend of the Game upon his retirement following the 2019 season.

    WR Isaac Mansour
    : Picked sixth overall by the Portland Pisces back in 2007, Mansour put up one of the all time great seasons by a wide receiver during the 2014 season. In that season, Mansour caught 114 passes for 2,162 yards (still a FOFL record) and 14 touchdowns and earned first team all fofl honors. Mansour is in the career top ten in a number of receiving categories, including receptions, yards, receiving td, yards per catch and yards per target. Mansour was also named FOFL's Fastest Man on three separate occasions during his career.

    WR Erik Chappell: Late bloomer still thanks god for the day he was acquired by the high flying Charleston Chew. Paired with Hall of Famer Richie Herndon, Chappell went on to garner all-fofl nods in '16 (first team) and '18 (second team). Over the five year stretch of 2014 to 2018, the former Ayr 2.1 (2007) caught 484 passes for 68 touchdowns. He is in the top 10 in a number of career receiving categories, including catches, yards and td.

    RB Quinn Vinatieri
    : Vinateri found himself as the featured back on three FOFL championship teams - the 2010 and 2011 Hudson Valley Horsemen and the 2018 Chesapeake Chili Dogs. Vinatieri was a dual threat that is still 4th all time in yards from scrimmage (17,721) and sixth all time in rushing yards. The former 2009 1.14 out of Iowa St. earned all fofl second team honors in 2010 and 2013.
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    Ah, Mansour - during the wide open, air it out DGC days. Good stuff.
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